Ahmad Alfawwaz Timehin


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I am a results-driven software engineer with a passion for innovation. In the past 4+ years, I’ve developed solutions for businesses of various sizes and backgrounds, as a member of different teams. I’m very passionate about learning and am actively searching for opportunities to work in a company with a large user base to practically experience the benefits and caveats of the technologies that enable such companies to operate efficiently.


I am good at the design and implementation of integrated systems with technologies including ASP.NET and SQL Server among others. I follow best practices and write clean code to deliver highly scalable and extendable solutions. I have experience testing legacy codebases to make refactoring seamless and error-free. I have experience leading a team on the development of a distributed system where I got to experiment with RabbitMQ and Redis.
ASP.Net Core


2020-04 – 2020-05 – C# (.NET) Software Engineer • Full-time • Trilogy

Participated in and graduated from 1-day RemoteU.
Learnt skills necessary for effective remote work.
Wrote unit tests for thousands of lines of legacy code to enable error-free refactoring.

2015-10 – 2020-04 – Software Engineer • Full-time • Yuscomsoft Limited

Led a team of 6 engineers to develop a university management system for Caleb University, Imota (2020-12).
Designed and documented the architecture of 1 client software and setup CI/CD pipelines for build, test and deployment automation.
Worked with a team of 3 engineers on the software development of 3 client projects, end to end.
Worked with a team of 3 developers to design and implement ePin Mart, a pin vending system that has been used by Nigerian institutions to automate the verification of thousands of students’ results.
Tech: C#, .NET Core, Java, Kotlin, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Azure DevOps.

2019-11 – 2019-12 – Software Developer • Contract • IITA

Added features to ODK Collect, to support IITA’s research in Nigeria.
Tech: Java, Android.

2018-02 – 2018-04 – Software Developer • Contract • IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative

Extended the open-source app, ODK Collect, with additional features, to support IDH’s research in Nigeria.
Tech: Java, Android.

2016-12 – 2017-09 – Software Developer • Contract • BuffrSpace

Designed Probiti, an ERP for the BuffrSpace marketplace with a team of 5 developers. Designed project requirements in cooperation with designers and data analysis teams. Designed the Probiti database.
Tech: PHP (Laravel), HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL

Toy projects and volunteer experience:

  • Orien Free and open-source game on the Play store. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.staa.games.orien. Partials.js
    A lightweight JavaScript library to add partial views to plain HTML.
  • https://github.com/staa99/partials.js.
    Staaworks. Payment Integrator and the Paystack extension A payment integration abstraction library that allows developers to access different payment providers via a single API.
  • https://github.com/staa99/payment-integrator.


  • B.Sc. Computer Science
    Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta
    Expected Graduation: 2021
  • Associate Android Developer – Google with ALC and Pluralsight
    Q EXPERT 250 – 96th percentile
  • ASP.NET Core Pluralsight IQ –
    Q EXPERT 248 -96th percentile.



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